Premiums for as little as R305* per month from January 2016, you save 12.6%!
  • R1 120 000 hospital cover at any hospital
  • Comprehensive benefits for doctors, dentists and medicine and you have the flexibility to access any of our network providers
  • Specialist and emergency benefits
  • Eye care benefits
  • Access to toll-free Health Advice line
  • Unlimited emergency benefits by Netcare 911
  • *Subject to an income of less than R600 per month.
Fun and Events

Tell us about upcoming events you have planned at your academic institution.  We would love to participate and look at sponsorship opportunities. Let's have some fun together!

Also send us some pictures of your events as we would love to share it with the other students in South Africa.

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This website is a focused marketing aid for students who earn less than R600 per month, based on the Ingwe Any hospital and Ingwe Active Primary Care Network benefit option. If you earn more than R600 per month, please click here for options best suited to your needs.