1. When do I need to obtain pre-authorisation from Momentum Health?
    You need to obtain pre-authorisation for:
    Specialist visits
    Emergency GP/Casualty visits
    Any hospital/day care admission

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    Optometry and Dental Benefits do not require pre-authorisation from Momentum, but your provider will call to confirm benefits.

  2. What if I am unable to call for pre-authorisation during an emergency?
    If you are admitted directly to hospital as a result of an emergency, a member of your family or a friend must notify us on the first working day after the admission. Non-emergencies need to be pre-authorised 48 hours prior to admittance. If you do not get authorisation, 

    you will have a co-payment of 30% on the hospital account and the Scheme will be responsible for 70% of the negotiated tariffs

    , provided authorisation would have been granted according to the Rules of the Scheme.

  3. Which provider do I call for emergency evacuation?
    For emergency evacuation, call Netcare 911 on 082 911. Please note that this service may only be used for emergencies.