Claims and bills

  1. What is the Momentum Health Rate?
    Every year Momentum health negotiates with hospitals, GPs, specialists, pathologists, radiologists and dentists to determine the amount we will pay per treatment. These amounts are called the Momentum Health Rate.

  2.  I received an account/bill from a doctor, what do I do with it?
    Email the account to us at:
    To follow-up on whether the account has been paid, contact our Customer Care Department; on 0860 102 493 or visit our on-site consultants. Click here for a schedule of when our consultants will be available.

  3. How long do I have to submit an account/bill?
    If we do not receive a claim by the last day of the 4th month following the month in which the service was rendered, you will need to pay any outstanding amounts to the provider.