Chronic benefits

The Chronic Benefit covers certain life-threatening conditions that need ongoing treatment and includes cover for the 26 Chronic Disease List conditions, which form part of the Prescribed Minimum Benefits. Chronic benefits are subject to registration and approval.

You must get your chronic prescription from an Ingwe Active Primary Care Network doctor, and benefits are subject to the Network entry-level formulary, which is a list of medication. You must obtain your chronic medication from Medipost pharmacy.

Ask your Ingwe Active Primary Care doctor to phone the member call centre on 0860 11 78 59. The chronic benefit consultant approves or declines the benefit telephonically. Additional information may be required from your provider, such as test results, in order to complete the registration process for your condition or medicine. You must submit your prescriptions to Medipost Pharmacy and confirm where your medication(s) will be delivered monthly.

Medipost's contact details
Tel: 012 426 40 00
Fax: 0866 82 33 17