Which benefits?

For which benefits / medical treatment must I get a pre-authorisation number?

You must obtain pre-authorisation from Momentum Health for:

  • Any hospital admission
  • Any day clinic admission - click here for a list of Specialised Procedures covered
  • Out-of-network, casualty and after hours doctor visits
  • Specialist visits out-of-hospital
Pre-Authorisation for emergency treatment / casualty benefits

Please note that you have to get pre-authorisation from Momentum Health when you are about to visit / consult a service provider that does not belong to the Ingwe Active Primary Care Network. To avoid having to pay the bill, from your own pocket, you need to get pre-authorisation by calling us on 0860 102 493.

Please remember this benefit is limited to R950 per event (up to a maximum of 2 events per family per year) and you need to pay 10% of the total bill.

Pre-Authorisation for specialist benefits out-of-hospital
Ingwe members

Phone 0860 102 493 for pre-authorisation of specialist and physiotherapy treatment. This benefit is limited to 2 visits per year, with a maximum of R900 per event and total benefit value of R1 480 for the year. You need to pay 10% of the total bill.

What if I am unable to call for pre-authorisation during an emergency?
If you are admitted directly to hospital as a result of an emergency, a member of your family or a friend must notify us on the first working day after the admission. Non-emergencies need to be pre-authorised 48 hours prior to admittance. If you do not get authorisation, a you will have a co-payment of 30% on the hospital account and the Scheme will be responsible for 70% of the negotiated tariffs.