Be aware of fraudsters

As a leading provider of affordable medical aid to students in South Africa, Momentum Health may be used by conmen to trick unsuspecting members looking to start or renew their medical cover.
We have put together a short guide on how to make sure you are dealing with a reputable representative:

  1. Click on ‘Contact Us' for a list of our official offices and accredited partners in Africa, where you can apply for membership or renew your membership 
  2. Our banking details appear on our application forms - do not pay funds into bank account details that do not appear on our official application forms 
  3. Ensure that the Momentum Health confirmation letter you receive has a watermark.


The main universities and South African Home Affairs offices have access to our system to verify your membership by entering your passport number and country of origin, or your membership number.
Please ensure that you update your passport number if it should change