Claim notification

Claim Notification requirements
  • Authorisation of expenses: In the event of a medical emergency you must contact Europ Assistance South Africa on +27 11 991 8492 before incurring expenses in excess of R5000.
  • Inpatient Treatment: Europ Assistance will validate your membership and liaise with your treating doctor overseas to ensure the treatment is appropriate. Upon authorisation of the treatment, Europ Assistance will send a payment guarantee to the hospital directly. In case of illness, Europ Assistance may also request a medical history from your local regular treating doctor.
  • Out-of-hospital medical expenses: You are liable for the first R1300 (or equivalent in the local currency) for out-of-hospital medical emergency claims incurred per trip (claims excess). The R1300 applies to each person, on each journey, per event. If you receive outpatient treatment where the expense is less than R5 000, you should pay the hospital or clinic and claim back your medical expenses on return home.
  • Reimbursement of expenses upon your return to South Africa: You may obtain a claim form from Europ Assistance. You must notify Hollard within thirty (30) days and provide them as soon as is reasonably possible with:
    1. written details of the event;
    2. proof of expenses, or details of any communication received in connection with a claim.