Important points

Important Points to keep in mind
  • Who is covered? -We will provide the services and benefits described in this policy to active members of Momentum Health Ingwe option that are non-South African residents/citizens and are studying in South Africa with a valid study permit (registered to study at a South African school or tertiary institute).
  • The International Medical Extension is a short-term insurance policy and not a Medical Scheme.Momentum may not advise you on whether the terms are specifically appropriate for your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. We therefore recommend that you read the Policy Wording prior to departure.
  • If you have any questions or are in any doubt about the cover provided, please call Hollard Travel Insurance on +27 11 351 4531
  • The policy does not provide cover for procedures that can be carried out in your country of residence.
  • Trip Limits: Trips must commence and end in South Africa and a return ticket must have been booked prior to departure.Cover is valid when travelling on an international journey, outside the borders of South Africa, commencing when you pass through passport control from South Africa and ending when you pass back through passport control into South Africa.
  • Applying for a Schengen Visa: Please contact Hollard Travel Insurance on +27 11 351 4531 in order for them to issue you with a visa confirmation of cover letter.