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Momentum Health's Ingwe option leads the way
as the Number 1 medical aid for international
students studying in South Africa for 28 years.

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GapCover for Students

Why worry about potential shortfalls for in-hospital procedures and other healthcare related costs not covered by your option, when you can enjoy Momentum GapCover? Because gap cover is not medical aid, but an insurance-type solution designed to help you avoid unexpected payment shortfalls, you can be prepared for a wide range of potentially costly surprises.

Focus on Gapcover

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Waiting periods

Students joining gap cover the same time when applying for Momentum Health
  • 9 months - any pre-existing physical defect, injury, disease, illness or medical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within the past 12 months, including but not limited to the following conditions:

- Bone or joint-related
- Heart-related
- Gynaecological-related
- Spinal or brain-related
- Abdominal-related
- Conditions of the eye
- Conditions of the ear, nose or throat
- Conditions of the mouth, teeth or gums
- Metabolic-related (Diabetes)
- Thyroid-related
- Liver-related
- Kidney-related
- Conditions of the blood
- Conditions of the prostate

. 12 months - Cancer: where an insured has received or was recommended for medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment for cancer of any type in the past 12 months

Birth or pregnancy: where an insured has given birth within the past 12 months or is currently pregnant

Waiting periods

Students joining gap cover 30 days after their for Momentum Health membership is active
  • 3-month general waiting period on all claims
  • 9-month waiting period on any pre-existing conditions
  • 12-month waiting period on birth, pregnancy and cancer related claims