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Momentum Health's Ingwe option leads the way
as the Number 1 medical aid for international
students studying in South Africa for 28 years.

Affordable quality healthcare plus cool FREE benefits

Hello Doctor

Talk to a doctor on your phone, anytime, anywhere, 24/7!

You get free, voluntary access to Hello Doctor, a mobile-phone-based service that gives you access to doctors, anytime, anywhere. You can now get expert health advice from qualified medical doctors through your phone, tablet or computer, at absolutely no cost to you!

Upon becoming a Momentum Health member, Hello Doctor will email/SMS you your username and password. You can download the app to log in and access the suite of convenient and easy-to-use health services.

Hello Doctor offers you:

  • Doctor access: Speak to a doctor over the phone, or chat via text message. All consultations with the doctor are completely private and confidential.
  • Health education: Get free daily advice with Hello Doctor's Health Tips and health coaching. Subscribe to any categories that interest you, and let us walk the journey with you to better health. Our monthly email check-ups also give you the latest health trends and advice.
  • Symptom checker: Not sure what's wrong? If you enter your symptoms, you will see a list of possible conditions that you can then discuss directly with a doctor.
Hello Doctor doesn't charge you any service fees. All you need is data or a WiFi connection to use the app. We'll even call you, so you don't have to use your airtime.

If smartphones aren't your thing, simply dial *120*1019# and follow the prompts to connect with a doctor through any mobile phone.

No waiting rooms, no queues, no problems. Go on, download the app, log in with the details we send you, and enjoy instant health advice at the touch of a button.

Hello Doctor