Student Focus

Momentum Health's Ingwe option leads the way
as the Number 1 medical aid for international
students studying in South Africa for 28 years.

Affordable quality healthcare plus cool FREE benefits

Access benefits - Pre-authorisation

Which benefits?

You must obtain pre-authorisation from Momentum Health for:
  • An emergency hospital admission needs to be authorised within 72 hours after admission
  • A planned hospital / day clinic admission should be authorised 48 hours before your admission
  • For out-of-network, casualty and after hours doctor visits you need to contact us within 72 hours to notify us that you have used this benefit
  • Specialist visits out-of-hospital - obtain authorisation 48 hours before your specialist appointment, and your Ingwe Active Network doctor must refer you to the specialist
Please note: You do not need to call us before going to the doctor, optometrist or dentist but your provider will call us to confirm benefits.

Hospital / day ward admissions

You need to phone us on 0860 102 493 and make sure you have the following details with you
  • Your membership number
  • The name and details of the patient
  • The reason for hospital admission or procedure
  • The date of admission
  • The contact details and practice number of the referring doctor
  • The contact details and practice number of the specialist
  • The name and practice number of the hospital or day clinic
  • The procedure code (CPT), diagnosis code (ICD-10) and tariff code (these details are available from your treating doctor).

Casualty, emergency and specialist benefits

You need to get pre-authorisation from us when you visit/consult a doctor that does not belong to the Ingwe Active Network. Please remember this benefit is limited to 1 visit per person or 2 visits per family per year and it includes out- of- network and emergency visits. The portion you will need to pay is only the first R 100 of the claim. To avoid having to pay the bill from your own pocket, phone 0860 102 493

You also need pre-authorisation for any specialist and physiotherapy treatment. This benefit is limited to 2 visits per year,The portion you will need to pay is only the first R 100 of the claim. Remember to contact us on 0860 102 493 before you make use of this benefit.