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Local Students

Momentum Medical Scheme offers a wide network of qualified and contracted service providers and we monitor their treatment patterns to make sure you receive the best possible care.

When you joined Momentum Medical Scheme's Ingwe Option, you chose to make use of a doctor from the Ingwe Active Primary Care Network or the Ingwe Primary Care Network.

If you chose Ingwe Primary Care Network doctors, you only have access to Ingwe Network Hospitals. 

If you want to be able to visit any private hospital in SA, you may only consult Ingwe Active Primary Care Network doctors.

Please note you may access any doctor on the Ingwe Active Primary Care Network or Ingwe Primary Care Network, based on your option choice.


Please make sure that you understand the benefits covered on the Ingwe option before you visit the doctor, dentist or optometrist. Go to the Tips section and click on the step by step guide for more information

Hospital list

Ingwe primary care network doctor

Ingwe active primary care network doctor

Ingwe network optometrist

Ingwe network dentist

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