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Student GapCover

Student GapCover  @ R 107 per month

Momentum’s Student GapCover product has been specifically designed for members attending a registered school, university or academic institution. Please note that you may only apply for Momentum Medical Scheme Student GapCover if you are an active member of Momentum Medical Scheme's Ingwe option for students.


Shortfall Benefits (these benefits are collectively limited to R173 000 per person per year)
Medical expenses shortfall benefit for in-hospital or day clinic shortfalls.
We cover you for the shortfall between what the medical practitioner has charged you and what your medical scheme has paid, up to 3 times the amount paid by the Scheme, while in hospital.

Casualty benefit
If you need to visit an emergency casualty ward due to a medical emergency and an accident, this benefit covers 4 casualty visits per family per year up to R15 000 per policy per calendar year. 

Additional Lump Sum Benefits (these benefits are not limited to R173 000 maximum)

Accidental death and disability benefit
If an accident happens and you die or become permanently and totally disabled as a result, a benefit of R50 000 will assist in paying for those unexpected expenses that may arise. This benefit will be reduced if death relates to a minor.

Trauma counselling benefit
If you are a victim of, or witness to, an act of violence (such as murder, assault, robbery, rape, kidnapping or hijacking) or a traumatic accident, we believe that undergoing trauma counselling is an important step in recovering from an event such as this.

We will therefore refund any trauma counselling fees paid by you as a result of an act of violence or a traumatic accident of  R750 per session, limited to R25 000 per family per year.

Waiting periods: 3-month waiting period for all claims, 9-month waiting period on pre-existing conditions and 12-month waiting period for claims relating to pregnancy, birth and cancer. Momentum GapCover is not a medical scheme and cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This product is not a substitute for medical scheme cover.