More affordable healthcare benefits for more students for less.

Feel safe and secure with Momentum Medical Scheme - Partnering with over 1 million students over the past 30 years.

New horizons and hope in a changing healthcare landscape

Combat fraud

As a leading provider of affordable medical aid to students in South Africa, Momentum Medical Scheme may be used by conmen to trick unsuspecting members looking to start or renew their medical cover.

Visit our official offices / accredited partners

Click on Contact Us for a list of our official offices and accredited partners in Africa, where you can apply for membership or renew your membership.

Pay into a Momentum Medical Scheme bank account

Our banking details appear on our application forms - do not pay funds into bank account details that do not appear on our official application forms.

Check your confirmation of membership letter

Make sure that the Momentum Medical Scheme confirmation letter you receive has a watermark.

Keep your membership card in a safe place

Please do not lend your membership card to your friends or anyone else to use your benefits. It is a serious offence.

Falsification penalty

It is important to know that your membership confirmation letter is a confidential and legal document. You may face serious consequences if it is found that your confirmation letter is altered, or not a legal, original document issued by Momentum Medical Scheme. We recommend that you keep the document in a safe place, so that others cannot try and use it illegally.